The Magical Accomplishment of Creating Your Own Workout

Last week I went to a #FreedomFriday class at GetFit615 and I definitely was not in the mood for working out prior to going to the class.  I had signed up ahead of time for the 5:30 PM Friday evening class via ClassPass, which meant I would owe $20 if I didn’t show without cancelling 12 hours ahead of time.

My week had been pretty active, so by the time Friday came around, I only wanted to lay down on the couch.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my workout, though.  The theme with #FreedomFriday is that the class members determine what the workout is.  The purpose of this is to teach class members how to create their own workout for when they travel or find themselves in a gym and have no idea what to do.  There was some structure already established by the instructor–the class would entail 3 rounds of the following:

12 –

12 –

89 –

26 –

26 –

26 –

These could be done in any particular order.  Here’s what the class filled in:

12 – weighted deadlifts

12 – TRX squats

89 – 890 meters on the rowing machine

26 – pick your own abs

26 – pick your own biceps

26 – pick your own triceps

This was a lot of fun because it still left a lot open.  The “pick your own” could be the same each round or you could switch it up.  For example, you could do bicycle crunches, plank for 26 seconds, and mountain climbers for each round of pick your own abs, or you could just do 3 rounds of bicycles.  It also was fun to see what everyone else in the class chose as this gave me more ideas.

Part of the reason I love group fitness classes is because the instructor tells you what to do.  I have no idea how to create my own workouts, and this definitely gave me the confidence and freedom to do! #FreedomFriday for the win!!

Do you ever create your own workouts? Tips or tricks?


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