Appreciate where you are RIGHT NOW

For me, the hardest part of having and recovering from knee surgery has been starting from scratch in terms of fitness level. I can no longer run as far or as fast as I used to. Last week, I went for a hike at Percy Warner Park and the beautiful atmosphere really struck a chord with me and got me thinking outside of my little head.  

I headed out with the intention of walking the 3ish mile loop. I wanted to do something active for the day and wasn’t in the mood to run. I walked up the steep steps, turned on the Mind Body Musings podcast (recent discovery, go check it out), and appreciated the views around me.

My expectations were low since I knew the leaves had fallen, but I was wrong. This park is still beautiful and being surrounded by it really made me appreciate nature.  The loop has a lot of ups and downs and when I got to a steep downhill, I decided to run down it since I knew it would take momentum, not effort, to get me there. When I reached the straightaway, I decided to keep running. The impact on my legs was a lot less than on the road and I didn’t care about pace. This was truly an epiphany. I NEVER don’t care about pace. Even if I don’t take a watch with me, I always try to estimate how long a run took me and then map the distance.

I stopped jogging when I reached a pretty steep uphill and was totally accepting of this. I appreciate the view while my pace slowed. I picked it up later when I felt like it. Listening to my body was a great feeling. 

This jog really made me appreciate my abilities in that moment. Who cares that I used to be faster? I could run now. I’m only 24 and I likely (hopefully) have a lot of miles ahead of me so a setback is just a roadblock; it’s not a dead end or a stop sign.

I think the mantra “appreciate where you are, not where you’ve been” is something to live by in all aspects of my life. It’s a lot more beneficial to be thankful in the moment and dream big for the future. The past has both ups and downs, but dwelling on anything will just get you stuck. And no ones to be stuck.   

What’s your favorite mantra to live by?


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