16 Things in 2016

16 things I hope to accomplish in 2016:

  1. Run a half marathon (I’ve run 6, but want to make sure I get back on track after my knee surgery)
  2. Incorporate a trail run at least once a month
  3. Buy a new laptop (much needed—any recommendations??)
  4. Actually stick with blogging
  5. Visit a new place (for fun, not work)
  6. Successfully make a cauliflower pizza crust (I’ve tried and failed)
  7. Get my Barry’s Bootcamp sprint speed up to 11 mph (I can currently hit 10 if there’s no incline)
  8. Practice yoga at least twice a month (this may seem small, but I’m a huge cardio fan and settling down for yoga can be tough for me)
  9. Make a GOOD veggie burger (once again, I’ve tried and failed…they always turn out crumbly)
  10. Practice intuitive eating (maybe read a book on it? recommendations?)
  11. Volunteer quarterly (this really should be more often, but I want to set the bar low and achievable)
  12. Complete scrapbooks (part of my Christmas and birthday gift for my mom)
  13. Read 5 nonfiction books
  14. Stop counting calories
  15. Move (details and locations TBD)
  16. Compile a list of favorite recipes

Any recommendations on my list?

What are your goals for 2016?


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