An End to Calorie Counting

As part of my mission to be more of an intuitive eater in 2016 (check out my full list of goals here), I decided to delete the calorie counting app I use.  I was definitely way too sucked into the numbers.  Almost every day I either felt guilt for going over what I thought I should be eating or if I was under my allotment, I would eat without being hungry because I thought I “deserved it.” When I was close to reaching my goal, I would go for a low calorie snack rather than a higher calorie, but more satisfying choice.

I am starting off in a very positive mindset and am trying to truly listen to what my body is saying.  I will eat when I am hungry and I will eat what I crave.  This may seem simple, but for me, I know this is a big change and is an end to what I have been doing for YEARS.  Wish me luck!

Do you calorie count? Did you start and stop?


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