Unmotivated to Run

Once I recovered from my knee surgery, I thought I’d be running up a storm. Turns out, I really don’t feel like setting out for a run.  A large part of this is probably because if I ran during the week it would be both dark AND cold, but I also think it’s because I’ve grown to really enjoy varying my exercise routine.

A local running club started up a half marathon training group for the April Rock ‘n’ Roll race in Nashville, and I thought getting started with them would help give me the running bug.  But it didn’t.  At first, I started wondering “what is wrong with me?! I used to LOVE running and training for races!” Now, I would much rather tank a spin class, pilates class, or bootcamp class than I would run.

I thought about my lack of motivation for running and realized there is NOTHING wrong with it.  Running used to be a part of my identity.  I ran with running groups, I was almost always training for something, and if someone asked me what I did for fun, I said run.  Now, I enjoy taking classes through Classpass.  I still love the classes that incorporate treadmill running/sprints, but these are enough to satisfy my running itch.

So do I think I’m done with running forever? Absolutely not.  Am I focusing on OTHER fitness activities? Absolutely yes.  Let’s just call this a heavy cross training phase of my life.  And who knows, maybe when the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out more, I’ll be lacing up for a run.

Do you go through phases of what your favorite exercise is? 



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