Yoga x2 in January

My 16 in 2016 is off to a good start! #8 was to practice yoga at least twice a month and with the help of Shakti and Classpass I have conquered this goal in January.  The first class I went to was on  Sunday, January 3rd, the day after my “long run.” And by long run I mean ~5 miles.  Ages ago, this would’ve been a piece of cake, but this is the longest run I’ve done since my half marathon in July (thank you knee injury and surgery).  I was happily able to keep up a pleasant pace and didn’t stop once.  I knew that my body needed a good stretch and that a yoga class would be great.  I also knew I had eaten and drank a LOT of crap the past few weeks, so a hot power yoga class would give me a GREAT sweat–and I was right!

The second class I went to in January was on the anniversary of my father’s death. I thought that a yoga class would be a good way to free my mind. I had done a 4.5 mile trail run (/walk-this route was over 100 flights high!!!) in the morning, which was also a great mentally freeing exercise. I was excited to take the yoga class in the afternoon to get a great stretch post run. 

Well, the yoga class was a great workout, but not exactly what I had anticipated. I did a power flow class in the most crowded room I’ve ever been in for yoga.  Not exactly calming.  Our  mats were inches apart from each other and there was zero room for the instructor to walk around during class. AND the class was pretty difficult. Very heavy on the flow of power flow yoga. 75 minutes of WORK.  HOT work. I sweat buckets.  Needless to say, the next day I was exhausted and took a day of from exercise. 

Proud to say that I’ve knocked out two yoga classes in January and I’m eager for the coming months!



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