Why I’m Ditching the Scale

Saturday morning I woke up feeling great.  I did a bootcamp class the evening before, felt strong, ate a healthy dinner, and loved the way my clothes were fitting and how my body looked.   My self-confidence was at a high point.  Then I stepped on the scale and saw that I had gained three pounds.  I was crushed.  I took out some measuring tape and noted that my hips, waist, butt, and thighs were not any bigger than they had previously been.  In fact, some measurements were a bit smaller.  I couldn’t get my weight out of my head and it took away all my confidence.  At that moment I realized how horribly the scale affects my attitude.

I went from positive to negative in just minutes and absolutely nothing about my appearance had changed.  I tried to talk myself up and say that the weight could be muscle, but this did not help.  Had I really gained that much muscle lately to account for that weight? This negative self-talk went on for a few minutes and then I realized that all my destructive thoughts came from a number on the scale.  I could easily eliminate this problem by not weighing myself.  Like I said, my clothes fit and I felt strong while working out.  Who cares if the number went up? The only way I can get myself not to care about the number is to not know the number.  So with this attitude, here I go: farewell scale, hello confidence.

Does the scale negatively affect your self-confidence?


4 thoughts on “Why I’m Ditching the Scale

  1. Yes totally, I only use the scale every other month or so just out of curiosity but I think the scale just serves the purpose of being at the Drs office for a check up! If your clothes fit you well and you feel like a rock star then who cares! Its just a #! xo C


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