Why I’m Doing the 10 Day Detox Diet

Lately I’ve been having issues with three things: mental focus, sugar cravings and breakouts.   My attention span has been horrible lately and I think my work is suffering. Massive sugar cravings and breakouts aren’t ideal either.  I know that too much sugar is likely the culprit, so I’ve decided to omit it from my diet.  For me, just saying “no more sugar” isn’t enough to get me back on track.  We have sugar lying around my office ALL the time and my willpower has been lacking SO I’ve decided to commit to Mark Hyman’s The Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day Detox Diet.

You can read more in the book, but basically I’ll be cutting out sugar of all forms (except fruit), caffeine, beans, legumes, gluten, and all wheat products for 10 days.  I really enjoyed the first part of the book because it talks about how addicted to sugar most of us are and all the problems it causes (brain fog, cravings, and acne, among others).  The book is also filled with statements from participants who have rave reviews of the program. I’m very excited to see my results and plan to document my progress throughout.  For me, the goal isn’t as much to lose weight, but to get my health, both mental and physical, back on track.

Along with following a specific food plan, the diet also calls for supplements, morning exercise, journaling, and relaxing baths–I’m in! I loaded up on the supplements and bought myself a magic bullet to make my morning smoothies–something that’s been on my wish list for awhile!

One of my goals for this year is to become an intuitive eater and I’m hoping that nixing the sugar cravings will help me do this more successfully.  Wish me luck!

The start date is yet to be determined. I had originally planned to start today and do a big grocery haul on Sunday, but flight cancellations have me stuck in North Carolina, so I can’t do a big grocery shopping trip and cooking haul for awhile. Will definitely be posting recaps once I start!

Have you done a sugar detox diet? How did it go?


13 thoughts on “Why I’m Doing the 10 Day Detox Diet

  1. Becoming an intuitive eater is one of my goals as well. Quitting the calorie counting app has been the hardest part for me! This diet sounds right up my alley, I’m excited to read your reviews/ summaries!


    • I successfully deleted the app, but still struggled with my relationship to food which is why I decided to do this 10 day detox. I’m on day 4 and so far I feel like my cravings have decreased! I’ve already done recaps of days 1, 2, and 3 if you haven’t checked those out yet.

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