Day 1: 10 Day Detox Diet

As I explained here, I’m embarking on The Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day Detox Diet. I intended to start Monday, but my travel this weekend was affected by the winter storm, so I couldn’t get to the grocery store Sunday like I had planned.  So Tuesday it is! I was a little bummed about the change in schedule because I had planned it perfectly that day 10 would be right before I left for Seattle.  I really didn’t want to do this diet while traveling because I knew food options might be limited.  I thought about pushing this whole thing back until February, but I stopped myself because I knew I could always think of another excuse not to start.

So here we go! Monday (Day 0?) I decided to start my caffeine withdrawal.  I helped myself to a cup of decaf coffee and had no other caffeine throughout the day (big for me!) Luckily, I felt fine. Sadly, my smart food choices ended there because I decided to eat ALL the things I wouldn’t have in the next 10 days.

I woke up on Day 1 and headed to the gym for a 30 minute elliptical session.  I am VERY grateful that my apartment complex has a small gym, because it was very dark outside and a walk/run at 6 in the morning just sounded unpleasant and also dangerous.  I took my supplements and headed off to work.  I had made my smoothie the night before to save time.  Before drinking the smoothie, I had the pgx like I was supposed to and it was DISGUSTING.  It comes in this powder and then you pour it into water, stir, and drink.  It gets this jelly-like consistency that I found slightly revolting.  I couldn’t drink it all.  Then I had the smoothie and happy for the change in taste.

And then the headache and tiredness started.  Apparently, my body can handle one day without caffeine, but two? This is when the withdrawal symptoms start.  I’m tired and definitely would like a cup of coffee to perk me up, but I’m staying committed! Slightly…I’m supposed to have the pgx before every meal, but I just couldn’t stomach it again before lunch.  I headed out to meet a friend for lunch and tried to find the most accommodating meal on the menu: chicken and lots of veggies–thank you Zoe’s Kitchen for your protein power plate!

I snacked on some nuts in the afternoon because I was still hungry.  This evening, I thought about quitting because I was really wanting more food, but I stuck with it.  I got a sports massage after work and then went to a class at GetFit615. Feeling cranky, I was not in the mood to do this, but I ended up being very happy I went!  Good workout and saw a friend who I hadn’t seen in awhile!

For dinner, I had salmon over arugula and sauteed red onions with a lemon, olive oil, apple cider vinegar dressing.  This was delicious! I had a couple blackberries after to curb any more hunger pangs/cravings.  I also forced myself to have some pgx before.  I didn’t do the detox bath, but I felt that my massage made up for it.

Overall, I’m happy I stuck with things, but it’s definitely tough.  10% done!


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