Day 4: 10 Day Detox Diet

See Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and why I’m doing this.

Last night I had a tough workout at Results (similar to Barry’s Bootcamp or Orange Theory) where we alternated between the treadmill and floor/rower.  Definitely a full body workout and I woke up this morning not in the mood to workout again, but the detox recommends starting the day with 30 minutes of activity.  I embarked on a 30 minute walk–it felt good to get myself moving without exerting a ton of effort.

I took my supplements and pgx before heading out the door, then had my smoothie (made the night before) soon after I got to work. I caved into my coffee headache again at 11 and helped myself to half a cup.  I didn’t need my mid-morning snack again, which is always a nice surprise (I used to ALWAYS need a mid-morning snack).  A little before noon, I had a salad, which consisted of tofu, spinach, carrots, mushrooms and walnuts.  I sauteed the tofu yesterday with some garlic and olive oil and then added it to the salad this morning.  This was tasty, satisfying, AND I remembered to snap a pic, which really doesn’t do the salad justice.

I took a 30ish minute walk with some coworkers in the afternoon and apparently this worked up my appetite because I was hungry when I got back.  I snacked on some cashews, then was still hungry a half hour later so I had some almonds. The temperature here is up to 50 degrees and with the sun shining, I didn’t need a coat on the walk! Great surprise.

I was feeling pretty energetic, so I decided to take a Barry’s Bootcamp class after work. DEFINITELY a good workout. The theme was “full body” and we covered everything from legs to chest to back to arms. Also, during one of the treadmill sections we did “dynamic mode” where you’re basically pushing the treadmill belt yourself. ROUGH.

Anyways, I was ravenous when I got home so I downed some pgx and made my dinner, which was a tofu stir fry. Basically sautée onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, jalapeño, celery, broccoli, carrots, almonds, grated ginger and tofu in a large skillet with olive oil, sesame oil, and tamari. Then sprinkle some basil on top.

It was delicious! I hadn’t used sesame oil or tamari before and these added great Asian flavors. Due to my intense workout, I was still a little hungry so I had some roasted cauliflower. And then I was drained! Very early to bed tonight.

On to day 5!


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