Day 5: 10 Day Detox Diet

See Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and why I’m doing this.

The order of things was a little different today because I was signed up for a spin class at Krank at 9:30 and I knew I’d need to eat before that since I woke up around 7:30. I downed my supplements and pgx then ended up eating only half my shake because it was pretty filling and I didn’t like the taste too much. I prefer fruity shakes/smoothies and this one was green and also had a grainy texture.

The 60 minute class was intense! Another full body workout (even arms and shoulders! Push-ups on the handlebars are the real deal).

I made myself a salad for lunch and this made up for the unappetizing shake I had for breakfast. I used spinach and arugula the for the base, then added roasted carrots, mushrooms, avocado, and chicken. I cubed the chicken then sautéed with olive oil, salt, and chili powder. I mixed together an olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing. Delicious! 

I was pretty tired after lunch so I took a nap then did some productive things like laundry, unload the dishwasher,, and get an oil change. So fun! I snacked on some cashews in the afternoon. My digestive system finally feels like it’s back on track, which has me feeling really positive that this is working. Oh! I also tried meditating for 10 minutes this morning and didn’t really feel anything special during of after. I ended up drinking some coffee around 4 because I have officially given up on the part of the diet that cuts this out and I don’t want to be yawning the entire night.

I drank my pgx and then made myself dinner and this meal was delicious!! I pounded a chicken breast thin, then put together a mix of basil, parsley, rosemary, salt and pepper. I put this on a plate, spread a tiny amount of butter on each side of the chicken, then put the chicken onto the herb/spice plate, coating each side. I cooked this in a little olive oil and then sliced.

I also sautéed some kale with garlic powder then topped with asparagus and some sea salt. Yum!!

I chose to journal after dinner instead of right before bed because I’m going to a concert tonight and will be staying up later than usual. I’ll likely be very tired when I get home and more in the mood to hit the bed than hit the journal.

Anyone tried meditating? Tips? Benefits?


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