Day 9: 10 Day Detox Diet

See Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, and why I’m doing this.

This started off with me still not feeling that great.  The roof of my mouth still hurts and my headache is still there.  My sleep was also pretty restless.  This led me to another low key workout, where I just walked on an incline for 30 minutes.

I got ready for work, had my supplements and pgx, then headed out the door.  I had another hour and a half commute today, so I drank my smoothie (made the night before) while driving.  My mom called me while driving and I ended up getting distracted and I missed my exit.  There is no easy turn around, so my reroute added another 15 minutes.  I knew I would be late, so I was going over speed limit and got pulled over 😦 Speeding tickets are no fun! I either have to go to court or driving school, both are 45-60 minutes away since I got the ticket in a different county from where I live, and I owe $140 (or $240 if I go to court instead of school).  Lesson learned!!

My dull headache has continued throughout the day, my digestion is once again not normal (side note: I’ve been taking magnesium citrate and vitamin C twice a day to try and combat this, but they aren’t working very well), and my skin has not improved.  Not loving this right now! I started getting hungry around 11, but decided to hold off from eating until lunch around noon.

I ordered grilled cajun chicken with a side vegetable medley.  The chicken came covered in melted cheese, but luckily I was able to peel this off.  I am SO looking forward to packing my own lunches again.  I really like the salads I was making!

I ended up not having an afternoon snack, but I was really hungry by the time dinner came along. I ended up treating my roommate to a meal out because it was the anniversary of a death in her family and she deserved a treat. We went to Woodlands, an Indian vegetarian restaurant and I ordered a tomato based curry. It tasted good, but was pretty much just spicy tomato sauce with vegetables so I wasn’t very full. It also came with white rice, which I knew I couldn’t have. The waiter came along with these crisp things and my hunger won over the diet because I could NOT turn it down despite it not being on the approved foods list. I think it was gluten free though? I got home and snacked on some almond butter, telling myself that this was full of protein and healthy fats that weren’t in my dinner so it was perfectly fine. I probably ate more than was necessary and will stick to whole nuts for snacks from now on! Another lesson learned.  I also miss cooking my own food.

My headaches have continued on throughout the day and seem to be getting worse. How fun.

On to day 10!


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