Hot Yoga on a Cold Day

yoga-mats-1620086As part of my 16 in 2016, I set out to do yoga twice a month.  I went twice in January and hit up my first February class on Saturday at Sumits Yoga. I hadn’t heard of this studio, but discovered it thanks to Classpass.  I had somewhere to be at 11:30 and this class fit in perfectly with my schedule–it was at 9am, so I wasn’t up at the crack of dawn, and was able to shower, eat some of my sweet potato egg bake, and get ready before heading out the door.

On a chilly winter day, hot yoga is the PERFECT way to warm up.  I really enjoyed this studio and class.  If power/vinyasa and bikram had a baby, it would be this 60 minute class.

It took my favorite parts of each yoga form and put them together.  One thing I like about a power/vinyasa class is that you’re moving throughout, so it kinda feels like you’re getting some cardio in. The bad part? It can be TOUGH.  Lots of movement = lots of work.  One thing I like about bikram yoga is that the moves are the same so you can see yourself improve from class to class.  The bad part? It can get super boring to do the same moves over and over again.

The 60 minute class I took incorporated some, but not all of the 26 postures from bikram yoga class and added flow sequences throughout.  Not everyone is a fan of heated yoga, but I prefer these classes because I really like to sweat when I workout–it makes me feel more accomplished.  I just realized that probably 95% of the yoga classes I’ve done have been heated, so I don’t really recall what a nonheated class is like to compare it.  I can say that heated + winter = AMAZING!!

Very excited to have found another yoga studio to attend!

What’s your favorite type of yoga to practice?


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