Unmotivated to Run

Once I recovered from my knee surgery, I thought I’d be running up a storm. Turns out, I really don’t feel like setting out for a run.  A large part of this is probably because if I ran during the week it would be both dark AND cold, but I also think it’s because I’ve grown to really enjoy varying my exercise routine.

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Starting Fresh

Confession: This is not the first time I’ve blogged.  I’ve started a blog 524134_10204027707310216_1408448170253564620_na few times in the past as a means of a creative outlet, but ultimately I get too focused on outside acceptance that I drop off.  I either stop getting exciting about posting because I’m trying to create content that other people will like and I’m not passionate about or I get discouraged about lack of views.  So what will make this time different?  This time I’ll be creating content for MYSELF.  This may mean few pictures or ramblings, but I believe it’s important to have an outlet, and for me, this is it.

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