Head out of the Clouds and onto the Trail

Another part of my 16 in 2016 checked off! #2 is to incorporate a trail run at least once a month and I am happy to report that I made it onto the trails in January! We had an unseasonably warm (~50 degree) day here in Nashville and I decided to fully take advantage of this by hitting up the red loop (4.5 miles) at Percy Warner Park.

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Unmotivated to Run

Once I recovered from my knee surgery, I thought I’d be running up a storm. Turns out, I really don’t feel like setting out for a run.  A large part of this is probably because if I ran during the week it would be both dark AND cold, but I also think it’s because I’ve grown to really enjoy varying my exercise routine.

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Double Running Day

Never thought I’d be running twice in one day but here I am! This morning, I got up early and did a quick run before work.  Pre-surgery, I NEVER ran less than 3 miles.  Post-surgery, I had to start small and so when I was finally able to start running again, I would do 10-15 minutes before work because that’s all my knee could safely handle.  I grew to like these short runs and decided to keep them going a few days a week.  So I did a 22 minute run.  Another thing I’ve been trying to do is focus on time, not miles, so that I’m less focused on pace and more focused on trying to beef up my endurance.  Of course I couldn’t completely let go and I ended up mapping my route on the way back.  2.4 miles, which is a slower pace than I was hoping for, but then I had to remind myself that I had an early dinner the night before and didn’t eat pre-run, so my fuels stores were probably quite low.

I had totally forgotten how late the sunrise is! It just started peaking out when I finished at 6:40.  Work is a little slow in the office at the moment so I went on a 30ish minute walk with my coworkers in the afternoon and it was GORGEOUS.  Clear blue skies and a quaint little path right near my office.  Will have to remember to take a picture next time to capture the beauty.

Back to my lack of sunlight rant.  This was just before 5 o’clock, aka WAY to early to be dark in my book.


I feel like whenever I try to capture a pretty sunset or sky, millions of wires get in the way.  I guess that’s why it’s more important to appreciate the moment as you’re in it instead of focusing on the picture.

In the evening I took a class at Results Fitness and it kicked my butt in the best way possible.   I had taken a few classes there before so at least I knew what I was in for.  The class alternates between treadmill and rowing machine/weights (free weights and body weight).  Each “session” is 15 minutes, and you are constantly switching around with an instructor guiding you as to the movements/incline/pace you should be pushing.  I was nervous about the treadmill because it was my first speed session post-surgery…I’m not at where I was, but I kept up as best I could.  I also peaked over at other people’s treadmills and saw my pace was faster than a few, so that always makes me appreciate where I’m at.  Overall, a good day of BALANCE! Lots of veggies in my meals too 🙂